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As the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” and in today’s fast-paced, pressure-packed world, it certainly takes a village to educate one too.

At Nan Hua Primary School, our Parent Support Group (PSG), ParentConnect, plays a critical role in this “village”. We work hand-in-hand with the school to create a nurturing and positive environment so that each child can grow to be the best that he/she can be.

ParentConnect serves as:

  • A communication channel for parents to express their views, concerns, and suggestions to the school.
  • A platform for parents to better understand the School’s Mission, Objectives and Strategies.
  • A conduit for parents to be engaged in their children’s school activities and at the same time provides an available pool of resources for the school to tap on.

Different platforms which parents can contribute:

  • Canteen Helper
  • Traffic Marshal
  • RecessCrafter
  • Volunteer for ad-hoc school events

Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something. It is with this maxim that our parent helpers come together to support the school and our students. It is our hope that more parents can share this joy of giving back to the school with us as a big family.

To find out more about our ParentConnect, you may leave your contact details with the General Office or connect with us via Facebook (NHPS ParentConnect) or Instagram (@nhpsparentconnect).

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