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Learning for Life Programme

Community Service & Pupil Leadership

Objectives of the Programme

Aligned to Nan Hua’s vision in becoming a school of engaged learners who lead with character and serve with a heart, ‘From ME to WE’ (MEWE) aims to grow, in every student a sense of purpose. This sense of purpose is a stable intention to accomplish something that is meaningful for oneself and consequential for the world beyond the self. It is defined as a deep-seated commitment to altruism, community service and civic responsibility.

Design of the Programme

MEWE is designed to provide platforms where different ideas, experiences and philosophies are considered and explored so that students know themselves and the world. Through a progressive learning process of PLAY-PASSION-PURPOSE, Primary 1 to Primary 6 students will be provided with many age-appropriate activities and opportunities to experiment, explore and pursue their varied interests. Among the many, to name a few, include the tiered community service experiences across different domains to enhance students’ understanding of the diverse issues and needs in our society, talks by youth change-makers to inspire students, forums to have conversations to deepen understanding of current social issues, recess “busking” for students to share their passion or to advocate for a cause they strongly believe in and also the class-initiated VIA projects where they attempt to make a difference to benefit others, applying the knowledge and skills purposefully, in service to the community.

Another integral part of the MEWE is the explicit teaching of character strengths and social-emotional skills. In additional to the existing nano (FTGP) curriculum, Positive Education modules on Character Strengths, Growth Mindset, Gratitude, Positive Relationship Building and Mental Toughness will be carried out in small groups to nurture students’ character and to strengthen their resilience and well-being. To deepen their understanding, these modules are aligned with school events so that students are able to make meaningful sense of abstract values that they have learnt and demonstrate them on these occasions. For instance, the module on Gratitude will be taught in term 2 which coincides with occasions such as International Friendship Day, EarthFest, Appreciation Day for non-teaching staff, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and Qing Ming Jie where they are all threaded by the common theme of gratitude. Through such alignment, we hope to encourage students to demonstrate character strengths consistently across different authentic contexts.

Aligned to our vision where every child leads with character and serves with a heart, this programme aims to develop strong leadership in every child.

In NHPS, Student Leadership has three levels –
  • Level 1 - Leadership in Self where the children learnt to have self-discipline, understand their character strengths and set goals for themselves to achieve;
  • Level 2 - Leadership in the Classrooms where they take lead in different areas such as being a class monitor or class representatives;
  • Level 3 - Leadership beyond the Classroom where the identified student leaders take greater responsibilities which enable them to show greater aptitude and interest. This tiered student leadership programme comes in the form of leading in CCA and VIA. The planning and running of school events such as EarthFest, Chinese Culture Appreciation Day, the various school-wide VIA projects, Teachers’ Day, etc. are some other opportunities where students can develop their leadership qualities. These platforms allow them to collaborate with their peers, teachers and other stakeholders, demonstrate their creativity and confidence, showcase their talents and, truly, it is an opportunity to “reach out” for them. Prior to taking on any of those, students will attend leadership workshops where they are taught the relevant project skills such as time management, budgeting, conflict resolution, and the other skills needed.

Key LLP Programmes

  • VIA@NHPS (Exposure & self-initiated)
  • Explicit teaching- Positive Education Modules
  • Sowing Seeds of Purpose
  • Showcase
  • Every Child A Leader

Explicit Teaching - Positive Education Modules

  1. Character Strengths & Virtues
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Mental Toughness Skills/ Thinking Traps
  4. Building positive relationships 
    - Body language
    - Tone
    - Active Constructive Responding


VIA@NHPS aims at giving students opportunities to choose and have a voice in what they believe in. It provides platforms where students can be actively involved in learning and appreciating the community, which, in the process develop their sense of commitment in playing their part and making a real difference in the community.

Each VIA learning experience takes every student through on a journey where they can form their identities, clarify their values and develop social emotional competences. Through the process, they develop a better understanding of themselves and how they can play their part and form relationships with the people around them in a meaningful and respectful manner.

Using the IPARD/C & Design thinking framework, students are led through a process where they investigate and examine social issues critically, prepare action plan to address the issue and eventually putting the plan into action. Moving forward, students will base on the Design Thinking framework that they learn in thinking lessons under ALP to guide their VIA experience.

To create a school culture of serving, staff at NHPS also lead by example where they participate actively and enthusiastically in VIA activities.

Term 1
  • P3- Serving People with Disabilities (SPD)
  • P5: MINDS
  • P6: Willing Hearts

Term 2
  • P2: Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (Nursing Home Wing)
  • P4: Waste Management Plant

Term 3
  • P1: Food Bank Singapore

Term 4
  • Class initiated VIA for all levels
  • P1 & 2: IPARD/C
  • P3-6: Design Thinking (ALP)

VIA-1.png VIA-2.png VIA-3.png VIA-4.png
VIA-5.png VIA-LLP 1.png VIA-6.png VIA-8.png

Sowing Seeds of Purpose

Sowing Seeds of Purpose is one platform to inspire and provide students with a wide repertoire of areas of interest through engagement and meaningful conversations. We invited our stakeholders share their stories and experiences of their interests/ passion with our students. Many have shared about their hobbies, your occupations and causes that they advocate for strongly. Through the sharing, they have shared their experiences and the meaning/ purpose they find in them. Through such meaningful engagement, we hope to sow the seeds of purpose and meaning in every child.

The Showcase (PLAY)

“The Showcase” is one platform that provides students with the opportunity to take ownership of the pursuit of their passions. It aims to create a space for students to express themselves and be it a talent, skill, learning experience or a cause that he/she advocates for. We invited our students, along with their friends or family, to share their talents with their peers. In doing so, we hope to inspire every child to reach out, step out of their comfort zone and in doing so, challenge themselves and chart their own unique course of passion.

The Showcase (Play)-1.png The Showcase (Play)-5.png The Showcase (Play)-3.png