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Our Programme

  • Science Learning Journeys/ Enrichment Lessons
    • Insects Mysteries Programme at Singapore Science Centre (P3)
    • Light Programme at Singapore Science Centre (P4)
    • River Monster Learning Journey (P4)
    • Diversity of Cells Programme at Singapore Science Centre (P5)
    • Aquatic Plants and Animals Programme at Singapore Science Centre (P6)
  • E2K Science Programme (for selected students)
  • Remedial lessons (for selected students)
  • I am a Young Scientist (Optional)
  • Sony Creative Award (Optional)


Excellence 2000 (E2K) is a Science enrichment programme tailored for the high-ability (HA) learners in Science. It is a collaborative effort between the Gifted Education Branch, MOE, and our school.

The E2K Science Programme is based on a curriculum for talented students in Israel. The programme exposes students to advanced scientific concepts as well as to develop their process and thinking skills in science.

The E2K Science Programme aims to stimulate curiosity and to develop and strengthen the students’ abilities to study phenomena and their possible causes. Through this programme, we hope to motivate our students to become confident and independent researchers in their own right.

Working as a team
E2K_1.jpg  E2K_2.jpg  

Coming up with creative solutions
E2K_3.jpg  E2K_4.jpg 


Creative Design Thinking Workshops for Sony Creative Award Participants by Singapore Science Centre (2018)

CDTW_1.jpg  CDTW_2.png  


Sony Creative In-house Exhibition cum Judging (2018)

Curious students exploring the innovative toys that their schoolmates have created
SCINE_1.jpg  SCINE_2.jpg  
Proud creators explaining and demonstrating how their toys work
SCINE_3.jpg  SCINE_4.jpg  
Voting for their favourite toys
SCINE_5.jpg  SCINE_6.jpg  


P6 Aquatic Plants and Animals Enrichment Programme (2018)

Pond dipping
APAEP_1.jpg  APAEP_2.png  


P5 Diversity of Cells Enrichment Programme (2019)

Preparing sample slides using simple staining methods
Viewing cells through a microscope


P4 Light Enrichment Programme (2019)

Exploring the nature of light
LEP_1.jpg  LEP_2.jpg  


P3 Insect Mysteries Enrichment Programme (2019)

Getting close and personal with some creepy crawlies
IMEP_1.jpg  IMEP_2.jpg