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Volleyball in Nan Hua Primary School aims to develop pupils' character, instil passion in sports and build skills such as leadership and teamwork. As sports is experiential in nature, learning how to play volleyball allows pupils to develop strong and healthy body through participation in PE lessons, volleyball drills, games and friendly matches. Weekly trainings not only focus on fundamental skills, fitness conditioning and game play, but also emphasises discipline and team building. We firmly believe that participation in a team sport like Volleyball will help to impart the necessary values required to shape one's character.

  • To arouse and sustain pupils’ interest in volleyball.
  • To provide a platform for pupils to discover and develop their strengths and interest in volleyball.
  • To develop pupils’ Social Emotional Learning competencies through the CCA sessions and competitions.
  • To develop pupils’ self-confidence, teamwork, good sportsmanship and to inculcate values such as fair play and discipline in them.