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Our CCA was established in 1999. Our elite team consists of 23 talented members who are privileged to be under the guidance of an experienced and passionate instructor, Ms Yin Qun. Ms Yin has never failed to inspire the pupils in wanting to play the instrument well. The school ensemble has been participating in the SYF Central Judging since 2004. The competition provides a platform for the team to raise its level of maturity in both music making and appreciation. Apart from taking part in competitions, the ensemble also actively participate in school events such as Chinese New Year and Mid-autumn celebrations. Moving forward, the ensemble aims to continue its passionate pursuit for excellence in music performances. Our ensemble players are strongly encouraged to participate in the Annual Guzheng Grading Examination jointly conducted by the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA 南艺) and 中央音乐学院.


  • To arouse and sustain pupils’ interest in guzheng.
  • To provide a platform for pupils to discover and develop their strengths and interest in guzheng.
  • To develop pupils’ Social Emotional Learning competencies.
  • To develop pupils’ self-confidence and to inculcate values such as teamwork and discipline in them


SYF Central Judging 

2004  Silver

2006   Gold

2008   Silver

2010   Silver