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Chinese Dance


  • To enable the pupils to learn and apply the basic dance movements and techniques.
  • To enable the pupils with varying dance background to apply the skills at recreational and competitive level.
  • To develop pupils’ self-confidence and to inculcate values such as teamwork and discipline in them.

Excellence Programme (School Team)

Tuesdays:  3.30pm – 5.30pm
>For pupils who have dance background & passed our audition.
>School Team will represent school for SYF AP (Chinese Dance).  
>Be prepared for practices during school holidays.

Experiential Programme (commence after CNY)

Monday Timeslots: 
Group A: 2.30pm – 4.00pm (Mainly P2, some may be in Group B if class size is too big.)  
Group B: 4.00pm – 5.30pm (P3 to P6) 

>Modular groups are for pupils who are interested in dance, have little / no background in dancing.
>New members (including pupils transferred from other schools) need to go through 10 dance sessions before being considered for School Team.
>After the last session, all groups will perform during Primary One Orientation for next year intake.

CCA Option and Open House:
>Pupils (including pupils from Experiential Programme of previous year) have to choose dance as CCA if they want to join Dance as CCA.
>Please note the above groupings and training day and time before selection. 
>Pupils will receive schedule and details from dance teachers only if they are selected into dance.

Dance CCA Teachers: 

Mrs Koo Xi Yan  
Mrs Soh Cuishan 
Miss Sanisa Binte Sapari   
Mrs Chan Bee Leng
Mdm Zhang Jing

Chinese Dance Chinese Dance

Chinese Dance Chinese Dance