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Chinese Dance


  • To enable the pupils to learn and apply the basic dance movements and techniques.
  • To enable the pupils with varying dance background to apply the skills at recreational and competitive level.
  • To develop pupils’ self-confidence and to inculcate values such as teamwork and discipline in them.

Two groups: School Team & Modular Groups (Group A,B,C)

School Team:  3pm – 6pm
(Only for pupils who have dance background & passed our audition)
*No dance fee is needed
* School Team will be the group representing school for SYF.

Modular Groups (commence on 16 Feb)

2.15pm – 3.45pm (Primary 1 & Primary 2) 
3.45pm – 5.15pm (Primary 3 to Primary 6)
(Modular groups are for pupils who are interested in dance, having little / no background in dancing.)
* ALL new members (including pupils transferred from other schools and has dance background) need to go through at least 12 dance sessions before being considered for School Team.
* After the last session, all groups will perform during Primary One Orientation for next year intake.

CCA Option and Open House:
Pupils (including pupils from Modular Groups of previous year) have to choose dance as CCA if they want to join Dance as CCA.
Please note the above groupings and training day and time before selection. 
Pupils will receive schedule and details from dance teachers only if they are selected into dance.

Dance blog

Dance Teachers incharge:
Mrs Koo Xi Yan (Main)
Mrs Tiang Hwee Min
Mrs Nirmala Fiah
Mrs Chan Bee Leng
Miss Pek Hailin

Chinese Dance Chinese Dance

Chinese Dance Chinese Dance