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Sports & Games

Table Tennis


West Zone Primary Schools Table Tennis Championship 2013

  • Junior Girls (4th)
  • Junior Boys (1st)
  • Senior Girls (3rd)

Natinoal Primary Schools Table Tennis Championship 2013

  • Junior Boys (4th)

West Zone Primary Schools Volleyball Championships 2013

  • Junior Girls (1st)
  • Junior Boys (2nd)
  • Senior Girls (2nd)
  • Senior Boys (3rd)


National Primary Schools Volleyball Championship 2013

  • Junior Girls (Top 8)
  • Junior Boys (Top 8)
  • Senior Girls (Top 8)
  • Senior Boys (Top 16)


Track and Field

National Inter-Primary Schools Wushu Championships 2013

  • Junior Girls 
    a) Changquan (3rd) 
    b) 4-Duan Spear (4th) 
    c) 24-Style Taijiquan (4th)
  • Junior Boys 
    a) Swords (1st) 
    b) Spear (1st)
    c) Changquan (2nd)
  • Senior Girls 
    a) 42-Style Taijiquan (4th)
  • Senior Boys 
    a) Broadsword (3rd) 
    b) Changquan (3rd)


54th National Inter-Primary Schools Track & Field Championships 2013

  • B Div Girls 
    a) 200m (6th) 
    b) 80m Hurdles (5th) 
    c) Long Jump (2nd)


  • C Div Girls 
    a) 100m (5th) 
    b) 200m (6th)


1st VCA Invitational Primary Schools Relay Championships

  • B Div Girls
  • a) Medley Relay (3rd)



11th Tiger Cubs Championship 2013 @ National Level

  • PC 'C' Division 

a) GOLD 

  • PC 'D' Division

a) GOLD 


Clubs and Societies


International Chess

Shoutan Cup Weiqi Competition for Primary School 2013


  • Group A (7th)
  • Group B (8th)


National Youth Weiqi Championship 2013


  • Group E (5th)
  • Under 16 Group - 1st

65th National Individual Chess Championships 2013


  • Under 10 Girls (2nd)
  • Under 11 Girls (6th)
  • Under 11 Open (10th)
  • Under 7 Boys (7th)


54th National Inter-School Team Chess Championship 2013


  • Open U11 West Zone (2nd)

Art Club


Whimsical Alley Watercolor Competition

  • Junior Category (1st)


Non-School CCA



54th National Inter-Primary Schools Swimming Competition 2013


  • D-Girls
  • a) 100m Backstroke (6th)

National Inter-Primary School Taekwondo Championships 2013


  • Junior Male Poom Belt Under 36 kg (1st)
  • Junior Male Poom Belt Under 52 kg (1st)