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Sports & Games

Table Tennis


West Zone Table Tennis Championship 2011


  • Junior Girls (3rd)
  • Senior Girls (3rd)

West Zone Inter-School Volleyball Championships 2011


  • Junior Girls (3rd)
  • Junior Boys (3rd)
  • Senior Girls (4th)
  • Senior Boys (3rd)


National Inter-School Volleyball Championship


  • Senior Boys (Top 8th)


Track and Field

National Inter-Primary Schools Wushu Championships 2011


  • Junior Girls 
    a) 42-Style Taijiquan (4th) 
    b) 42-Style Taijijian (4th) 
    - Vernice Ang Qi Wei (5F)


  • Junior Boys 
    a) 4-Duan Cudgel (1st) 
    - Wong Kang Yi Rhyan (5D)

    b) Cudgel Play (1st) 
    - Lim Zhengwei Beltran (3D)

    c) 4-Duan Cudgel (2nd) 
    - Koh Jia Ler (5A)

    d) Changquan (1st) 
    - Lee Hern Ee (4J)


  • Senior Girls 
    a) Broadsword (1st) 
    b) Cudgel Play (3rd) 
    - Zeng Chen Yang (6E)


  • Senior Boys 
    a) 5-Duan Changquan (4th) 
    b) Broadsword (2nd) 
    c) Cudgel Play (4th)


52nd National Inter-Primary Schools Track & Field Championships 2011


  • B Div Girls 
    a) 200m (4th, 7th) 
    b) 100m (4th) 
    c) 4x100m (8th)


  • C Div Girls 
    a) 200m (8th) 
    b) 600m (11th)


  • D Div Girls 
    a) 100m (3rd) 
    b) 300m (1st)


SAA Kids' Athletics Team Award Challenge 2011


  • a) 11 Silvers 
    b) 22 Bronzes 
    c) 10 Merits

Clubs and Societies


Chinese Society & CL Department

Go Goodwill Tournament in Chiang Mai


  •  (3rd - Low Kyu Division Team) 
    - Ge Ruoda (4Tag 2)


Shoutan Cup Weiqi Competition for Primary School


  • Team - Group B - 3rd 
    -Li Kang Chen (5T4) 
    -Neo Yuan Tong (5F) 
    -Zhu Yuxuan (5E)


  • Individual Male - Group E - 3rd 
    -Chen Yilin (2E)


  • Individual Male - Group D - 2nd 
    -Du Jiesheng (3E)


  • Individual Male - Group B - 2nd 
    -Li Kang Chen (5T4)


  • Team - Group E - 1st 
    -Li Yue Chen (2H) 
    -Chin Yiu Joe Jason (2E) 
    -Chen Yilin (2E)


  • Individual Female - Group E - 1st       
    -Li Yue Chen (2H)


  • Individual Female - Group A - 1st       
    -Shan Huanqi (6T4)


National Youth Weiqi Championship 2011


  • Under 9 Group - 1st 
    -Chen Yilin (2E) 
    -Chin Yiu Joe Jason (2E) 
    -Li Yue Chen (2H) 
    -Du Jiesheng (3E)


  • Under 16 Group - 1st 
    -Shan Huanqi (6T4)


  • Under 12 Group - 1st 
    -Zhu Yuxuan (5E) 
    -Neo Yuan Tong (5F) 
    -Li Kang Chen (5T4) 
    -Chan Jun Hao, Anselm (6C)


  • Under 12 Individual - 1st 
    -Li Kang Chen (5T4)


Singapore Chinese Bridge - Chinese Oratorical Contest 2011


  • (1st) - Alex Han Mu Yuan (3E)


6th National Primary School Crosstalk Competition


  • a) (2nd) - Alex Han Mu Yuan (3E) & Zhou Hao Cheng (5F)


  • b) Leading Role award - Alex Mu Yuan (3E)


12th National Secondary and Primary School group story telling competition


  • (3rd) - Alex Han Mu Yuan (3E) 
    - Wu Jia Yang (3E) 
    - Ng Yu Peng (4G) 
    - Jeffrey Xie Fu Lin (4G) 
    - Zhou Hao Cheng (5F)


Art Club

 Freedom Challenge 2011


  •  Best Use of GIMP 
    - Jonah Tan (P6T1) 
    - Lee Ruey Xuan (P6T3) 
    - Sim Jun You (P6T1)

Singapore Youth Festival Art Competition 2011


  • Title of Artwork: Melody of Joy (Bronze) 
    Tile of Artwork: Birds in Harmony (Bronze) 
    Title of Artwork: A Palette of Orchestra (Bronze)

International Chess


63rd National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2011


  • a) Under 8 Girls (1st) 
    - Tan Jing Wen Vanessa (2F)
  • b) Under 12 Girls (4th) 
    - Yeoh Hsin Ying Candice (6K Tag 2)
  • c) Under 10 Open (5th) 
    - Lee Jun Wei (4 Tag 1)
  • d) Under 11 Open (10th) 
    - Lim Jun Ying Malcolm (5 Tag 4)


Uniform Group

St John's Ambulance

National Badges First Aid Competition


  • Champion Award
    - Lee Jia Ying (6A)
    - Lim Le Ming (6D)
    - Kelly Ng Yen Ting (6D)

Non-School CCA



National Inter-Schools Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2011


  • C Div Girls Stage 2 (Felicia Kee Mei Jun 5E) 
    - Balance Beam (3rd) 
    - Floor Exercise (1st) 
    - Individual All Round (2nd)

National Inter-Primary School Taekwondo Championships 2011


  • a) Junior Male Red Belt Under 40 kg (3rd) 
    - Yang Jung Rong Bertrand (3D)
  • b) Junior Male Poom Belt Under 28 kg (3rd) 
    - Han Yi Heng Elliot (3F)
  • c) Junior Male Poom Belt Under 32 kg (1st) 
    - Lam Hon Mun Kynan (5F)