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Our Programme


This school-wide enrichment programme aims to equip our pupils with age-appropriate ICT Baseline skills and deepen their understanding of the digital world.


ICT Tool

Learning Outcomes

Primary 1


  • Use the HansVision word processor to type short sentences or paragraphs.

Primary 2


  • Use Microsoft Word to edit and format short sentences and paragraphs in Chinese.
  • Combine Chinese text with drawings or pictures.

Primary 3


(Sphero Edu App)

  • Learn basic programming and understand basic coding principles.
  • Use Sphero Edu app to  to navigate the BB8 Droid.

Primary 4

Wonder Dash (Blockly App)
  • Learn basic programming and understand basic coding principles
  • Use iPad Blockly App to write code to navigate Wonder Dash.
Primary 5

Scratch 2

  • Navigate and operate basic tools in Scratch to create a mini interactive game.
  • Use basic coding skills to program the elements in a game.
Primary 6 iMovie
  • Create a multimedia clip with the use of photos or video montage.

LiveSparks! LiveSparks! LiveSparks!   LiveSparks!

iPad Programme

A Classroom of Possibilities (across subjects like English, Math, Science, Chinese, Music & Social Studies)
Our students use iPads effectively for independent research, apply effective ways to access, process and share information.
By leveraging on the ICT affordances, our teachers create realistic tasks, model the real-world environment, increase student engagement and deepen their student learning through effective use of ICT tools.
Self-directed Learning  (SDL)
Student Learning Space (SLS) provides content-rich e-learning educational & interactive courseware, high quality videos and online assignments that cater to the different needs of our pupils. 


  1. Serve as an e-learning platform to extend learning experiences beyond the classroom.
  2. Acts as a tool of communication between teachers and pupils beyond curriculum time. 
  3. Encourage pupils to be independent learners who take responsibility for their own learning.