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Our Programme


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Primary 4

Research Education (RE)

·        The RE curriculum for the primary pupils is meant to introduce pupils to research, develop research competencies and nurture interests.

·        The Scope and Sequence details the teaching of research skills to all primary 4 GEP / TAG pupils.

·        The pupils are first introduced to research and formally taught research skills and processes. The pupils are expected to apply and internalise their research skills and knowledge of research through experiential learning.


Primary 5

Individualised Study Options (ISO)

Innovation Programme (IvP)

·         This programme is opened to the primary 5 GEP / TAG pupils to participate.

·         Selected pupils would receive training in problem based learning and inventive thinking skills.

·         The pupils will also be attached to expert mentors from tertiary institutions and attend draft sessions and a seminar.

·         At the end of seven months, they would create a prototype of a product that they have invented to solve a problem.

·         The pupils will be able to present their completed projects at the annual Young Innovators’ Fair. Some entries would also be submitted for the annual Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award.


Individualised Research Study (IRS)

·         Individualised Research Study is an important part of the enriched curriculum for selected primary 5 pupils.

·         It provides the GEP / TAG pupils with opportunities to develop their gifts and talents through the pursuit of areas of study which are of special interest to them and exposes them to academic research processes.

·         The emphasis is on equipping pupils with research skills so that, in the long run, they become independent learners.

·         The pupils will be able to present their completed research projects at the annual IRS Exhibition.



Primary 4 - 6

Talented & Gifted Programme (TAG)

·        This programme was piloted in 2007 with the Primary 4 pupils.

·        It allows for greater integration and intermingling between the pupils in their academic curriculum on a sustained and intensive basis.

·        It enables the GE and HAL programme in Nan Hua to achieve a balance between stretching the potential of the pupils and integrating them with other pupils so as to promote their all round development.


Primary 4 - 6

Enriched Modules for HAL Pupils in the TAG Programme

·        This programme aims to provide opportunities for teachers teaching the HAL pupils to learn and put into practise some pedagogies used in the GEP classrooms.

·        It also provides the platform for HAL and mainstream teachers in the school to observe teachers teaching GEP lessons such as the EL, MA, IRS, IvP, etc. 

·      In Mathematics, enriched modules taught include higher-order Math questions and investigative Math problems.

·        In English, pupils are exposed to enriched modules such as concept teaching, exploring short stories and novels.



Primary 4 - 6

Bilingual Elective Programme (BEP)


·        This programme aims to stretch GEP / TAG pupils who are strong in the English Language & Higher Chinese Language.

·        It hopes to nurture effectively bilingual pupils.