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Nan Hua Primary School is a grand dame of 99 this year!  Our success story strongly builds on the basis that it takes ‘a village to raise a child’.  We are grateful to our past and present stakeholders such as the members of our School Management Committee, Alumni Association, Parent Support Group and parents for their unwavering support.  We are also thankful to the past and present school leaders, teachers and non-teaching staff who have laboured tirelessly to nurture each child holistically.  Today, Nan Hua Primary School distinguishes herself to be a school with rich traditions, a culture of excellence and one that prepares our children for the 21st century. 

Every child who enters Nan Hua Primary School is valuable and special in his/her own way.  The school creates many opportunities and experiences to make education works for every child.  The NHPS Thinking Programme is designed to develop an array of competencies in the MOE’s 21st Century Framework- Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills; Critical and Inventive Thinking; and Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills through integrated lessons and distinctive learning experiences.   These holistic and innovative programmes are closely aligned with the school’s focus areas of developing “Thinking Minds, Engaged Hearts, Happy and Healthy Learners”.  Our aim is to nurture our pupils to become happy, confident and responsible individuals who are useful citizens of tomorrow. 

While academic results are important, character development plays an even more important part in the development of our pupils.  In this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Uncertain world we are living in, our school motto of Loyalty, Filial Piety, Humanity, Love, Courtesy, Righteousness, Integrity and Sense of Shame will act as their internal compass to guide them to do the right things, even after they leave the school.

Exciting times are ahead as we prepare to celebrate Nan Hua Primary School’s 100th Anniversary in 2017.  This will be a time to unite all teachers and students, past and present, to celebrate this joyous occasion.  This will also be a time for all of us to continue the legacy of Nan Hua!






Mrs Ong Hui Khim 谢慧秦 

Principal, Nan Hua Primary School 南华小学