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Symbol of Heritage

Symbol of Heritage

Nan Hua Primary School commenced as Nan Hua Girls' School in 1917. It was established by our predecessors to provide educational opportunities for the young and to nurture them into useful citizens.

This sculpture was erected to commemorate the occasion of the official opening of the school's new building cum 68th Anniversary and to remind us of our great heritage.

The Sculpture consists of these three components:

Symbol of Heritage, unveiling the sculpture
The sculpture was unveiled in 1985 to 
mark the official opening of the new 
school in Clementi Avenue 1 
Symbol of Heritage Relocation to Jalan Lempeng
The sculpture stood in a commanding 
position in the quadrangle when the 
school was relocated to Jalan Lempeng.

  1. The Foundation is a square column built of five layers of old bricks. The four sides of the square column represent the media of instruction in the four official languages. The five layers of bricks represent the philosophy of the school-providing an all-round education catering to the moral, academic, physical, aesthetic and social needs of the pupils.

  2. The two pairs of Clasping Arms represent the unity that has prevailed in the school since the begining. 

  3. The School Crest and Old Bell. 

Symbol of Heritage Location
The sculpture now stands on the left
side of the main façade of the school

The School Crest embodies the School Motto of Courtesy, Righteousness, Integrity, Sense of Shame, Loyalty, Filial Piety, Humanity and Love.

The Old Bell , which has served the school for many years, beckons us to the past and yet reminding us of the need to work together to uphold the traditions and name of the school in the years to come.