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Nan Hua Student Care Centre


Nan Hua Primary School specially set up a Student Care Centre to cater to the needs of the student population. Managed by NASCANS, it provides quality academic and character support to help develop students holistically.


NASCANS offers a wide variety of programmes which are specially designed and carried out by PhD holders, former HODs and graduates. These activities are arranged on request by the school or based on the needs of the students in the SCC.


The different components of the programme in the Student Care Centre are described below:


  • Supervision of Completion of Homework
  • Mindful Leadership and Character-in-Action programmes
  • Holiday Enrichment Programme & Outdoor Structured Activity


Centre Opening Hours (Monday to Friday)


  • School Term: 7.30am to 6.45pm
  • School Holiday: 7.30am to 6.45pm


Student Care Fees


  • School Term: $278.20 (Inclusive of GST) per month
  • School Holiday: surcharge of $6.40 (Inclusive of GST) per day 


Student Care Fee Assistance (SCFA) by MSF and additional subsidy from NASCANS are available for students in need of financial assistance. Terms and conditions apply.


NASCANS Notifictions

Term 2 Letter to Parents (28 March 2016)

Term 1 letter to Parents (4 January 2016)

Student Care Centre Contact


Mrs Shirlene Tang
Centre Head, Student Care Centre
Tel: 96160870
Email: nhscc@nascans.com
Website: https://www.nascans.com/