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Our Programme

The school’s Pupil Development looks into several important aspects, namely Nano, Discipline, Pupil Leadership, Special Needs and Sexuality Education.

In alignment to the Desired Outcomes of Education, different programmes have been put in place that aims to develop our pupils in the 5 core values ExCITE (Excellence, Confidence, Innovation, Teamwork and Enthusiasm). 


Pupil Leadership


Primary 3 prefects




Primary 4 prefects



Primary 5 prefects



Primary 6 prefects



Discipline Team:

Primary 1: Mdm Chua Fang

Primary 2: Mdm Ang Peng Peng

Primary 3: Mdm Cho Yue Wai

Primary 4: Mr Chua Gee Woung

Primary 5: Miss Alice Teng

Primary 6: Miss Audrey Cheong


Discipline is an educative process to develop pupils' thinking and moral faculties. The goal of discipline is to develop self-discipline and pupils' social and emotional competencies. This can be achieved through consistent efforts in creating a supportive environment; teaching social emotional skills and components of good character; providing opportunities to exercise good behaviour; and guiding and re-orientating pupils who have erred in their behaviour.

In creating a supportive and conducive environment for all our pupils, a whole-school, multi-pronged approach based on the consistent philosophy is adopted. Through consistent collaborative efforts from families and various stakeholders, the focus is for pupils to reflect on the offences and mistakes made and learn from the experiences and to help our pupils develop in their character and self-discipline.

In the event of an offence is committed, the school’s disciplinary board will mete out appropriate disciplinary actions to help pupils learn from their mistakes. The disciplinary actions to be meted out will depend on both the severity and frequency of the offence. Possible disciplinary actions can range from corrective work order within the school to suspension from school; or any other actions deemed appropriate by the school. Combined with partnership with parents, pastoral care and counselling, the school believes that the disciplinary actions meted out will help pupils learn from their mistakes.