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100th Anniversary Celebrations and Activities

Brenda's thoughts on the Art Competition

During this art competition, I was determined to draw something that would represent Nan Hua and our values. This is because I want these values to bring back memories for the seniors. I believe that it would make them think of all the things they learnt here that made them into better people. I had a lot of fun drawing. However, the planning was not easy. At first, I had no idea what would best represent us and was about to give up. In the end, I thought of the unbreakable bond that our Nan Hua family has and was inspired by it. I feel that this is a good platform for students to express their creativity and that Nan Hua should organise more of such activities. I have learnt during this art competition that you have to try your very best and never give up. Otherwise it is a guarantee that you will not succeed. I wish that Nan Hua will continue to nurture more children with wonderful values. I am so glad to be part of this big family!

Brenda Yeo (6F 2016)

Kelvin's thoughts on the Art Competition

There are only a handful of primary schools in Singapore that are over 100 years. Soon joining this ranks will be Nan Hua Primary – she will be celebrating its centenary in 2017.   As part of the celebration, the school held an art competition. Kate shared with me that we could take part in it together. I thought it was a great idea to spend time with her and doing something we both love.    We spent a Saturday sitting at our balcony brainstorming. It was quite an experience, as both of us can have polarising views. We settled on using four colours, red, blue, black and white, as these are the school's colours. We even rehearsed our drawing, just to be sure that our roles were defined – like how she would outlined with black, while I filled in the colours.   On day of the competition, it was fun discussing how we should layout our materials on the canteen table and where we ought to sit. We preferred where the overhead lights were diagonally above us – so no harsh shadows to muddy our focus. Yes, we were competitive and eager to win.   I thought the process of preparation for the competition was the most precious. It did not matter how the artwork turned out at the end of the day. Most importantly, Kate and I have wonderful memories of this experience.   Similarly, Nan Hua Primary has given the students many priceless memories and experiences as we journey to the 100th year mark. In 2017, my three children, Ryan, Elsa and Kate, will look forward to this centenary celebration. Happy Birthday Nan Hua!

Kelvin Lim, father of Kate Lim (3F 2016)

Emma's thoughts on the Art Competition

I was excited to hear about the Art Competition for Nan Hua’s 100th Anniversary. It was because I like to draw people, places and things in our everyday lives and Nan Hua is one of my favourite places! I had great fun on the day of the Art Competition! However, it was a little strange not having classes and having two hours to draw. I decided to draw how people were connected in Nan Hua. I included Nan Hua’s Symbol of Heritage, one of my favourite spots in the school because it reminds me of Nan Hua’s rich heritage. After finishing my artwork, I enjoyed going around looking at and complimenting my classmates’ drawing. I am proud to a student of Nan Hua and I would like to thank all past students and staff from Nan Hua who have helped build the school. Wishing Nan Hua all the best for the next 100 years! 

Emma Lew (3F 2016)

Jing Wen's thoughts on the Art Competition

Even though I have graduated for a whole three years from Nan Hua Primary School, my gratitude towards the school has never wavered, for it has taught me important life values. Nan Hua Primary School is the very place where the fondest of my memories are made, the very place where I forged my first friendships and the very place where my pursuit for excellence in education took flight. Despite having only spent six years in Nan Hua, I truly felt how much I have matured under the broad wings the school has extended through the years. It is amazing how far Nan Hua has come. The pride I have felt for the school is indescribable. I feel extremely glad to be able to play a part in the school's 100th anniversary celebration by participating in the alumni art competition. Through this competition, I have depicted my fruitful years spent in the school. I am sure many other students share such similar experiences. Nostalgia wrecked me as all these memories came flooding back. As I coloured and drew, the vivid flashbacks I had came to life. Nan Hua, you will have a very special place in my heart forever. All the best in the years to come! We will always be right here to cheer you on!

Tan Jing Wen (6F 2012)

Zhi Jun's thoughts on the Website Launch

Standing on the stage felt almost surreal. This was the stage where my principal, Mdm Fong, stood on to impart us valuable life values. This was also the stage where I received my P6 graduation certificate. There I was, standing in front of the distinguished guests, parents, school staff, my pupils also my juniors and my ex-principal, Mdm Fong, feeling a great surge of pride to be given the opportunity to represent the alumni members for the launch of the 100th anniversary website. The letter writing movement is particularly meaningful to me. The key message of getting all past and present generation of the Nan Hua family to write home tugs at my heartstrings. I have so much to say to the principal and teachers who have inspired me to become a teacher. Penning the words of gratitude serves as a terrific way for me to relieve the fond memories.

It was indeed an honour and privilege to be featured in the video for this launch. The video showcased the stories of 7 alumni members - how Nan Hua shaped and moulded us to achieve our dreams. It was heartwarming talking to the other alumni members. Something special held us together. Reminiscing about the good old days in Nan Hua broke the ice among us almost immediately. What truly stood out in all the conversations was the great impact the eight values in our school motto had on our lives. Loyalty, filial piety, humanity, love, courtesy, righteousness, integrity and sense of shame are the eight values which act as our moral compasses and guide our everyday decisions. I dare say that I would not be who I am today if not for my primary school days in Nan Hua.

Mrs Chang Zhi Jun (alumni and teacher of NHPS)


星期六的清晨,睡眼惺忪,思泽一反常态地推醒了我,“妈妈,快起来,今天学校颁奖仪式还有百年校庆的活动!我是被邀请才可以去的呢!”。看到他难得积极兴奋的样子,我也感染到一种激动的情绪。 匆匆赶到学校,嘉宾、老师、学生和家长已经济济一堂。很快南华百年校庆活动的第一幕——百年校庆网站推介会就在庄严的国歌声中开启了。 陈振泉部长,南华的校友,在百忙之中来到了这个有纪念意义的盛会,并用中英双语致词。他的发言语言质朴,感情真挚,所有的与会者都能从中感悟到他对母校南华的拳拳之心。部长提到他是小学中途转入南华,南华的基础教育令他终身难忘,他非常感念南华的学习生涯为他后来的事业发展打下了坚实的基础,并感谢当年辛勤的园丁们。 听到这些,我深有同感,感触颇深,思泽转来南华一年多,我们也已经深切地感受到南华老师对教学和对孩子的一片热情,南华精神在无数代师生中脉脉相传。我转头看看思泽,他正专心地听着。'他多幸运啊,能成为一个南华人,在这个校园成长。',我心想。多希望他和他的同学们能以这些成功的老学长为榜样,继承南华的精神,在这里开启他们成功丰盛的人生! 部长致词后, “写信回家了吗?"——百年校庆网站正式启动了!二位聪颖可爱的低年级学生在一片惊叹声中骑着自行车出现在会场,他们上了主席台,把一封信交给了部长,部长亲手投入了象征着启动网站的大信箱中。 “写信回家了吗?" 这个南华百年校庆的创意真好。 南华是你年少时成长的家,你长大了,记得写信回家吧!多少南华人,遍布在各个行业默默奉献着,在通向成功的路途中,他们没有忘记来时的路。 会场上组织者给大家放映了一个动人的纪录片,五位南华人,有威武的现役军官,有跨国公司的区域经理,有养育了五个孩子的母亲,有祖孙三代同是南华人的老奶奶......不同的职业背景,不同的年龄阶段,共同的是他们都是南华人!离开南华校园如此多年,他们心中还都有一个永远菁菁的南华校园。他们在记录片中娓娓倾诉对母校的深深思念和感怀,他们简短的言语情真意切。无论走过多少岁月时光,他们对南华的校训“忠孝仁爱,礼仪廉耻”还是铭刻心底,记忆如初! 我和思泽被这五位校友深深的南华情结感动,还没有缓过神来,惊喜又来了!五位学长从屏幕中走出来了!活动的组织者把他们邀请到了现场,当他们款款走上主席台时,会场里响起了雷鸣般的掌声。思泽聚精会神地看着主席台上的五位嘉宾,我陷入了思考。是什么精神让南华这样深刻地融入了这些学长的生命中,让他们终身以南华人为荣?是什么魔力让学长们念念不忘要让他们的子孙后代继续在男华开始他们的童年少年梦,扬起他们学业生涯第一站的风帆? 看着嘉宾的笑脸,看着满堂的南华人,我明白了,是南华的精神,南华的校训,激励了一代又一代的南华人,百年南华,“忠孝仁爱礼仪廉耻“理念就在一代又一代的南华人中薪火相传。 典礼临近结束了,部长和嘉宾们开始退席了。当部长经过我们时,我向他微笑了一下,思泽腼腆地低头不敢看部长,部长伸手轻轻地拍了拍思泽的肩膀,思泽的脸红红的,还是低着头。 孩子,让我告诉你,部长的轻轻一拍意味着什么 —— 小学弟,好好努力,相信你们会好好传承南华精神! 是啊,南华,作为你的学生和家长,我们为你骄傲,走过了百年的荣光,桃李英才满天下!我们为你展望,和你一起开始新的征程,少年壮志不言老,我们期待着你新的百年辉煌!